The Weekly Peek

Hello, friends, and Happy Monday. How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was pretty low-key; I finished my course of antibiotics for my pneumonia, but my husband got sick on Thursday just as I was starting to feel better. It’s always something.

This is a short work week for me, as my son’s preschool is closed on Thursday and Friday for parent-teacher conferences and my husband has taken those days off. But in the meantime, I’m hoping to finish revising my new chapter book and hand it off to my agent. Fingers crossed that I can make it happen!

Other stuff going on this week…

  • I’m just about finished bingeing on LUKE CAGE, and sweet Christmas, you guys, it’s so great. If, like me, you loved Jessica Jones and Daredevil, you are in for an ass-kickin’ treat.
  • Since I was sick over the past month and a half, I’ve fallen WAY WAY behind schedule on all my projects. More on this on Wednesday, as I regroup and figure out how to catch up.
  • I just want to take a moment and appreciate how nice it feels to NOT feel like crap. Since August 24th, I’ve been coughing, phlegmmy, and extraordinarily fatigued, and this morning, I finally feel…normal? Healthy? Like I actually have energy to do things? I’ve spent so many weeks muddling through everything in my life; now I can’t wait to get back to operating at 100%. Look out, world!

And how’s YOUR week shaping up?


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