Events and Appearances

Interested in having me visit your school, library, bookstore, or other awesome group? Let’s make it happen!

Please note that at this time, I am only doing virtual visits. Contact me here so we can work out the details!

Virtual Visit Programs (per classroom, 25 student maximum*)

The Quickie: 15 minutes, Q&A format.  FEE: FREE

The Full: 30 minutes.** 15m intro from me about my career and writing process, with a brief reading from one of my books, followed by Q&A with your students. I’ll also send you signed swag in advance, and you can email any questions we don’t have time to answer during my visit! FEE: $200

*Interested in a visit to multiple classrooms or a larger group? Let’s talk. I’ll be happy to work out a package deal!

**Interested in a longer virtual program, including a writing workshop? Let’s talk. I have all kinds of ideas, and I’ll be happy to tailor my visit to your needs!

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