A Formula for Success?

I tend to have vivid, very realistic dreams. Perhaps this is the trade-off for suffering from insomia; once I DO get to sleep, I’m thoroughly entertained. Last night’s dream was particularly thought-provoking, so I thought I’d share it…

[Cue FOG and wavy, dream-like camerawork]

I’m in a classroom filled with writers, much like an SCBWI lecture. I’m standing at the front of the room, at the blackboard, ready to give my presentation. Only there’s another teacher there, and he’s completely filled the chalkboard with his notes, and he won’t leave. I go to another, smaller classroom, but certain people (who shall remain nameless) are there, and they’re distracting my audience. I’m standing at the front of the room, trying to get everyone’s attention and erase everything written on the chalkboard so I can write out the note that will kickoff my presentation. In the dream, my presentation is called “Formula for Success,” and this is the formula I am trying to write:

Success = Talent + Patience + Charisma

I pretty much know how to interpret the dream: I’m ready and eager to do what it takes to succeed, but until recently, certain circumstances have gotten in the way. But the formula intrigues me. I never considered success in these terms before โ€” or at least, not consciously. What do you think?

Chalkboard graphic by Salvatore Vuono.

4 thoughts on “A Formula for Success?

  1. Kara-did this formula come to you in this dream? Very cool. I would interpret it the same-having a clear goal, but there will always be distractions, diversions and annoying people who don’t get it and become your obstacle. I like the formula. Success as a writer (not quite there yet) but definitely is patience, absolutly talent and charisma. This by the way is my quote of the day: “No one is youer than you.” Dr. Suess

    Kate E. did do a lot of writing today!

  2. This dream is hilarious — and so true! It reminds me a bit of my recurring teacher-anxiety dream in which I’m literally running around a seventh grade class with a megaphone (well, sometimes it’s a microphone) trying to get unruly kids’ attention. There are always distractions and obstacles to being heard, aren’t there.

    I wish the formula were as simple, but I have a feeling that charisma has an inversely proportional relationship to talent… as in, the more meager the talent, the more charisma one needs to mask it!

    • Usually my classroom dreams take place at exam time, just as I realize there’s a class on my schedule that I’ve never attended.

      This really happened to me, in college. Instead of taking my junior year abroad, I spent it in a state of ennui.

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