My exhibition of childhood crushes continues…

When I was in college, my housemates and I were obsessed with the show “thirtysomething.” And I, in particular, had a thing for Michael Steadman (center, above, wearing late-80s pleated pants and rockin’ suspenders).

Michael (as played by Ken Olin) is undeniably handsome, sartorial choices aside. But he’s also a man, with manly problems, even if he does tend to angst out over them a little too much. I loved that he had a cool job in advertising, a beautiful family, great friends, a fixer-upper (Arts & Crafts) house, and a vintage car. And I liked that he had grownup responsibilities and problems and emotions. I wasn’t experiencing much of that with the boys I knew in college, who were all about “keeping it casual” and “hanging out” and “hooking up” and baseball hats and JCrew barn jackets and beer cups. Of course, I didn’t realize that “thirtysomething” was all pretty much an airbrushed fantasy of adulthood. I didn’t really understand what it meant to be an adult until I was well on my way to “fortysomething,” and I had to learn most of that the hard way. I’m still not sure if I’m doing it right.

But Michael Steadman and the show in general made me want more for myself. And I did end up with a wonderful, creative husband, a gratifying career, great friends, a fixer-upper house, and even a vintage car. So I guess that’s “something.”

Next time…I develop a crush that’s really “out there.”

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One thought on “Crushy-something

  1. Jeannine and I loved that series! But when I bought the first season set on DVD last year, and we started watching it again, something was missing… the thrill was gone, for some reason. — PL

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