Romantic Roundup

The author models her latest craftiness, while standing next to one of her biggest fans.

Hello, and Happy Valentine’s Day! I know you’re busy out there spreading the LOVE today, so I thought I’d give you a quick list of sweet somethings and good news…

1. First things first: check out my latest crocheting project, the cowl modeled above by a certain festive someone (who is wearing a hat to hide some pretty serious bed head). I finished it yesterday, just in time to wear it on my date with my Valentine tonight!

2. Still need to show someone you care? Might I suggest a romantic read from your local bookstore? If you don’t have time to get out and about, how about downloading and emailing these swell Prickly Love Notes, or host a Prickly Party today with these downloadable black and white Love Notes and Prickly Stickers?

3. Mr. Prickles and Miss Pointypants are out there spreading the love, too — they’re dispensing romantic advice today!

4. Check out this AMAZING article on moi and Scott Magoon via 7-Imp, one of my all-time favorite reviewers.

5. Terrific reviews of Mr. Prickles here and here. Have you seen (or written!) others? Let me know and I’ll link to ’em!

6. Need a good laugh today? Read up on my Crush Files series. Be one of the first two people today to email me a list of all six of my crushes, and I’ll send you a FREE, signed, personalized copy of Mr. Prickles! (Winners so far are Madison Stingray, Karen Giezyng, and Cindy Faughnan. YOU could be next!)

7. I’d be romantically remiss if I didn’t share with you what my Valentine gave me today: a teapot that matches the rest of my good china.

I think it suits me to a tea.

What are you doing today to spread the LOVE?

3 thoughts on “Romantic Roundup

  1. Kara, I think something is brewing……
    Also, do yo have a large, fan club or a large fan club? In either case, I’m impressed with your “biggest fan”!

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