Workspace Wonderland

Hello! Thought I’d end the week with a reveal of my newly-rearranged workspace. As you can see, I’m just about to eat my breakfast — toasted homemade bread with honey and ricotta, with fresh strawberries…and a huge Dunkin Donuts coffee. Can you tell I live in Rhode Island? The desk was someone’s old vanity table, saved from the trash and refurbished (as was the chair) by my sister. The cork boards, shelves, and radiator cover were all made by my husband. If you look closely, you can also see: a red Office Space stapler, a reading gnome figurine, a vintage Girl Scout trophy, and two Smurfs. I like a variety of stimuli around me when I’m working. Also, on the left, you can see the shrine I’ve set up to one of my kitties, Sugar (aka Shoogie).

(In case you’re wondering, Pearl’s shrine is pretty much the rest of our house.)

I also have an area for reading and re-energizing my creativity (aka napping).

On the left are built-in shelves (again, made by my husband) for all my books and doodads. Here’s a closeup. Note the vintage Bubble Yum bank on the second shelf, which was a major score.

Atop this shelving is my shrine to The Bike that Got Away, Sweet Thunder.

Giving this framed homage its due respect, I’ve flanked it with an orchestra of ladybugs (recently purchased from my neighborhood curiosity shop, Frog and Toad).

Are you feeling the creative energy? I know I am!

And speaking of all things creative and curious, here’s some terrific news: I’ll be appearing at Barrington Books next Saturday, March 24th from noon to 2pm, for the re-opening of their new children’s section! Come and hear me read from OTTO: The Boy Who Loved Cars and Mr. Prickles: A Quill-Fated Love Story, and get yourself some signed books and treats!

6 thoughts on “Workspace Wonderland

  1. I am going to start calling my collections of doodads, “shrines.” It makes my odd assemblages sound so much better! Love it. And a shout-out to that talented husband of yours.

  2. Unbelievably, I just bought the same little ladybug orchestra pieces, too. I found them at a church thrift shop. Do you know anything about them? I adore them. Your workspace is adorable, too!

    • Thanks, Kyle! The ladybug orchestra was purchased new from Frog & Toad, an amazing gift shop in my neighborhood; I don’t know anything about them other than that. Is your thrift shop set actually vintage? If so, what a score!

      • No, I suspect they’re new, too. Mine are glued to a very cute, yellow, upright circular display case. All eight bugs stand on their own little zigzag inside the circle. Hopefully, you can visualize this! It came in its original box and there appears to be German wording on it, but no manufacturer’s label per se. Anyway, enjoy!

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