Welcome, Sprummer

Sequined baby chick purchased from Borders (RIP).

I called the winter-spring hybrid we experienced over the past few months “sprinter.” Now, it seems we’ve segued right into “sprummer.” I find the whole thing creepy, frankly. Yesterday, I had the windows open, and it even smelled like summer. And it’s March. MARCH. I even defied my own seasonal style rules and wore…wait for it…

…flip-flops. (Yes, they are gold flip-flops. That’s how I roll.)

Despite this unseasonable turn of events, I managed to get a lot of work done. Some of it was yard work, but most of it was revision work on two novels. I’ll send them to my agent next week; I’m hopeful at least one of them is close to ready. Fingers (and freshly-pedicured toes) crossed.

Today I’ll be preparing for my big day at Barrington Books, which starts tomorrow at noon. They’re having a shindig to commemorate the opening of their new children’s section, and I seem to be the main event! I’ll be reading from OTTO and Mr. Prickles, answering questions, signing books, and handing out Make Your Own Prickly Love Notes and Make Your Own OTTO-mobile activity pages. And I might just be wearing open-toed shoes. After all, it is sprummer — anything can happen. Might I even see you there?

4 thoughts on “Welcome, Sprummer

  1. It was odd driving home from the airport at 10:45 last night, top down and it was 75 out. Sprummer it is…of course come actual summer will that turn in Spall or just be beyond hot?

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