The Weekly Peek

Hello, and Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? I had SO MUCH FUN at ILA16 on Sunday. After a brief travel delay (thanks AGAIN, Amtrak), I attended a great lunch hosted by Abrams, where I rubbed elbows (and talked about The Bland Sisters) with some esteemed educators and amazing Abrams authors — shout-out to Erica Perl and her new picture book Ferocious Fluffity, and Jonathan Auxier and his latest tour de force, Sophie Quire and the Last Storyguard.

After lunch, I hustled over to the convention center, where I had my signing for The Infamous Ratsos at the Candlewick Press booth. You guys, I signed EIGHTY BOOKS. A pretty great turnout, considering my signing wasn’t on the official ILA schedule — many thanks to the good folks at Candlewick for getting the word out! As I signed, I got to meet some wonderful educators from all over the country. And it was my first Candlewick event I attended as an author — pretty surreal, and pretty great!

When my signing ended, I grabbed some coffee and found some time alone to recharge. Then I hopped in a cab and met up with my former picture book partner-in-crime Scott Magoon, renowned (and hilarious) author-illustrators Ryan T. Higgins and Matt Tavares, and literacy wunderkind Dylan Teut. As you might imagine, the jokes (and puns) were flying — much to the delight, I’m sure, of the other restaurant patrons. Later, we met up for drinks with local super-librarian Jennifer Kelley Reed, and the hilarity continued. Whew! I barely made the last train home, and fell into bed just after 1am.

I think I might go and take a nap now — but not before I share a few things happening with me this week:

I’ve combed through my editor’s notes on the second Bland Sisters story, and am now making my way through revisions.

We are attempting to nighttime train our toddler. It’s a soggy process, but we persist, as ever.

Over the weekend, WE BOUGHT A GRILL! I don’t know why we’ve put off this purchase for so long, but I am SO EXCITED to take summer to the next level. Got any great grilling recipes to share?

That’s it from me.What are you up to this week?

2 thoughts on “The Weekly Peek

  1. One pound ground chicken breast, six slices bacon (chopped and half (only half!) cooked), large handful of spinach (or kale or whatever is green and leafy in your refrigerator) chopped, and 1/2 to one cup crumbled feta depending on how cheesy you like things. Combine all ingredients and make four patties. Grill. Bam!

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