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  1. Good Morning, Ms.LaReau.
    I was compelled to write to tell you how much we enjoy Snowbaby Could Not Sleep. This seems to be one of your less popular books, but in our family, it’s a favorite.

    Our love affair with this book began about 6 years ago when we found this gem at the library. My granddaughter was 4 and the library was a special outing for us. So among others, we checked out Snowbaby and the rest is history. We continued to check it out each and every visit for quite some time, and I practically read the words off the pages!

    When she started kindergarten, that was the book she chose when I visited the class as a guest reader. The entire class was enthralled, and by the end…they were all saying with me “would not, could not SLEEP!”

    Fast forward 5 years, my grandson is now in kindergarten. Chloe, now in 5th grade, is going to guest read in Jackson’s class. Can you guess what book they chose? I have another little granddaughter, just turned 1, and I’m hoping this tradition continues with her as well.

    Thank you for writing this book and for bringing such joy to our family through it. I would love to see what Snowbaby is up to these days. I wonder if a sequel is in the works??

    Again, thank you! I hope you have a beautiful day.

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