Host a Prickly Party!

Want to make your own Love Notes, or host your own Prickly Party? Here’s how!

1. Click on these Colorable Prickly Love Notes! Download them to your computer and print them out.

2. Click on these full-color Prickly Stickers. Download them to your computer and print them out. You can use Avery Labels #5293, or just print them onto regular paper, cut them out, and add a bit of glue or tape to adhere.

3. Get yourself plenty of crayons, markers, scissors, and assorted flair (glitter, sequins, and other bric-a-brac). Put on some music and fix yourself some sweet treats. Invite some friends to join in the fun. Let’s get this Prickly Party started!

4. Cut out and color in the Love Notes. Decorate with plenty of flair.

5. When you’re done, fold them up and seal them with your Prickly Stickers. Address them on the outside — and add some decoration there, too, if you like.

6. Deliver your notes to your loved-ones, or to someone who could use a prickly pick-me-up. Make sure to put them in an envelope if you’re going to send them through the mail. Above all, spread the LOVE!

4 thoughts on “Host a Prickly Party!

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