Attention, Shoppers!

Hey, folks! Looking for something special for yourself or a loved one? Look no further! If you order Mr. Prickles from indie darling Porter Square Books (online or in-store), your books will be signed by Scott Magoon and moi!

Please note that Mr. Prickles doesn’t pub until December 20, so if you do pre-order prior to that date, you might get your books in time for Christmas, if not very shortly thereafter. The elves at Porter Square Books say they’ll do their very merry best!

In other news, the esteemed Horn Book had this to say about Mr. Prickles: “LaReau’s well-paced, pointedly pun-filled text shines a sympathetic light on her lonely protagonist, and the playful (and cute and cuddly) illustrations bring out the best in the spiky hero. Magoon’s use of color and varying perspectives in the nighttime scenes effectively convey mood and intensify the story’s emotions.”

Happy news all-around!

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