Happy Pricklesmas!

Careful hugs all-around — today’s the publication date of Mr. Prickles! Here are some ways to celebrate:

• You can buy the book wherever fine books are sold. Copies signed by Scott Magoon and moi are available at Porter Square Books in Cambridge, MA — if you buy them online, they’ll ship ’em right to your door!

• Visit my publisher’s website to download all sorts of fun material, including 2 sets of Prickly Love Notes (one emailable, and one black & white and colorable) and Prickly Stickers (Avery 5923 labels required).

• Enter TODAY to win a gorgeous pre-printed set of stickers from me! As I’ve mentioned, read the blog entries I’ve posted over the past seven days (from 12/13 to 12/19) and make a list of ONE object I’ve mentioned in each entry. Send me that list of seven objects at karalareau@me.com. I’ll pick five random winners and will announce them (AND ship the stickers) tomorrow!

• Check out my publisher’s blog for a few holiday pointers from two of my prickly pals…

Image from Mr. Prickles: A Quill-Fated Love Story, illustrated by Scott Magoon. Copyright © 2011 by Scott Magoon.

3 thoughts on “Happy Pricklesmas!

      • HI, Kara.

        I am well, thanks!

        Writing for newspaper and magazine — 🙂 And having a blast!

        Molly and I crossed paths with a porcupine once on our walk in the woods. For some reason I saw Mr. Prickles before Molly did, so my dear pooch was able to avert any prickly introductions our fine Mr. Prickles might have had for her. As for me, I was totally enamored with the way he peeked around the tree trunk giving us the stink eye and how he waddled off like a little old beggar in a raggedy coat. That is my love story with Mr. Prickles and it’ll stick with me forever. 🙂

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