Five for Friday

  1. #obituarygoals
  2. Lately, I’ve been working my way through S2 of Transparent (hilarious and heartbreaking, as ever), and S3 of Rectify (gorgeous, languid storytelling). If you haven’t already, I suggest you binge on both of these at your earliest convenience.
  3. I haven’t had time for much reading lately, unless you count this. (If you’re in the same boat, it really does work. Trust.)
  4. Are you celebrating Mother’s Day? Personally, I don’t have a big wish list; I’d just like some time to myself, and maybe even a pedicure…in case anyone is listening, ahem.
  5. Sometimes, I just CAN’T EVEN with my hair. So I’ve assembled quite a collection of hats, and most of them are handmade by an amazing Etsy shop called Hats with a Past. The owner, Bonnie, makes berets (my fave), cloches, sun hats, and other snazzy headwear, all based from vintage patterns. The best part — you can pick the fabric, If you end up ordering anything for yourself, be sure to tell Bonnie I sent you.

So, what are you loving these days?


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