Five for Friday

  1. I actually had the windows open yesterday. Halle-freaking-lujah, Mother Nature. Now, can you please keep it coming?
  2. Lady Mary as a con artist? I am here for it.
  3. Speaking of all things genteel…for some reason, my son now calls me “my lady.” (Example: ME: Did you wash your hands? HIM: Yes, my lady.) Probably picked up from Frozen and Tangled, both of which he has watched one too many times, but no matter. I never want it to stop.
  4. I can’t get enough of all the posts from #BEA16 these days. It’s such a vicarious thrill, and it’s so much fun to see galleys of The Unintentional Adventures of the Bland Sisters: The Jolly Regina and The Infamous Ratsos out in the wild!
  5. David Bowie on authenticity, and the thrill of being out of one’s creative depth.

So, what are you loving these days?



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