Five for Friday

  1. It’s been two weeks with Blue Apron, and so far, we’re really liking it. I like that I get to cook without having to worry about shopping and meal planning, and my husband likes the variety. We’re going to do it for a month before we decide to continue; if anything, I’ll have a few new recipes to add to my repertoire.
  2. I HAVE to see this movie. Why is it not playing ANYWHERE in Rhode Island?
  3. Our son is turning THREE (!!!) on Monday. Over the next few days, we will be eating a lot of pizza, his favorite food. Thank goodness we found a place near us that makes (and delivers!) top-notch NY-style pizza — which is really the only pizza I recognize. After pizza, we will be washing down our birthday cake with hot cocoa, as a tribute to his current favorite read, BLIZZARD by John Rocco. (We’ve had this book for more than a year, but these days “the hot cocoa book,” as he calls it, all he wants to hear.)
  4. NETFLIX Binge Alert: Can’t wait for the new seasons of Peaky Blinders (5/26), Bloodline (5/27), and Chef’s Table (5/27), and for the debut of genius comedian Maria Bamford’s new series, Lady Dynamite (premiering tonight!). It’s not as if I need to sleep, right?
  5. “Bravery resides in every heart, and yours is fierce and clear.” Oh, Joe.

So, what are you loving these days?




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