The Weekly Peek

Hello, all! I’m back from vacation and feeling particularly rejuvenated. What an amazing week we had on Nantucket, hanging out with good friends, eating amazing food, frolicking on the beach, and drinking a LOT of bubbly (that last one was all me). And we got back on Friday, so we had the whole weekend to reacclimate ourselves to mainland life.

While I was away, I avoided my work email, and I only took one work-related phone call. I also managed to finish The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown, and I’m about a third of the way through the book I’m reading as research for the picture book biography I hope to write. And I jotted down a few notes and book ideas in my writing journal. So I was just productive enough to quell my work-related separation anxiety. I also took more than a few naps. Naps, you guys. Naps are everything.

A few things going on here this week:

Pretty soon, I’ll have THREE picture books out on submission! Two of the manuscripts are rhyming texts, which is new for me. And one of them might be potty-themed. Hey, they say “write what you know,” right? Fingers crossed that at least one of these babies lands somewhere.

I just finished reviewing the final interior and cover for The Unintentional Adventures of the Bland Sisters: The Jolly Regina, and it’s truly seeworthy. (See what I did there?) I can’t wait for you all to give it a read — though you’ll have to wait until JANUARY for a finished copy. Perhaps a galley giveaway is in order? I’ll keep you posted as I work out the details…

Starting today, I’m revising a new novel. Well, it’s not exactly new. I drafted it a couple of summers ago, and then set it aside to work on something else. Printing it out yesterday was like catching up with an old friend — an old friend who needs a lot of help. Still, it feels good to roll up my sleeves and dig in.

What are you up to this week?






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