Five for Friday

Hello, and Happy Friday! Got any big plans for this lovely 4th of July weekend? As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ll be celebrating my grandmother’s 95th birthday. Also, my family and I will be heading for the beach. But before I get to enjoy my fun in the sun, I have to finish revising my new chapter book. (I am 85% there. Just a few more hours of work, I think/hope.)

Of course, just because I’m working doesn’t mean YOU can’t procrastinate — so here are a few links for your end-of-the-week enjoyment…

  1. What David Sedaris can’t travel without. Also, BONUS: His amazing “stop talking” cards are available here.
  2. A Victorian psycho-sexual ghost story? BRING IT.
  3. Because I am all about handy charts.
  4. Terrifying car seat concepts. Whoa, you guys.
  5. Ladies (and some gents), this Instagram account is one of my new faves.

Enjoy, and have a great long weekend!

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