Five for Friday

Hello, friends, and Happy Friday. It’s been a mixed bag of a week for me; between avoiding the Pokemon Go craze, the Taylor vs. Kim/Kanye feud, and the latest political horror show, I received my author copies of The Infamous Ratsos (yay!) and received an offer on a manuscript I’ve had out on submission for a while (double yay!). More on that last bit when things become more official. I’m planning on going to the beach this weekend with my family; hopefully it isn’t going to be unbearable for us, given the impending heat wave. In the meantime, hope these linky links cool you off…

Happy birthday, Prince George! You’re not QUITE as cute as my own 3-year-old, but I wouldn’t say no to giving those cheeks a squeeze.

If you want to stay indoors (and amidst the A/C) this weekend, might I suggest a movie?

Whether you’re indoors or outside, chill out with these frosty drinks.

But be careful out there, friends.

You’re welcome.

Have a great weekend!


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