Two-Dimensional Love

My exhibition of childhood crushes continues…

And here’s where it gets weird. In the aftermath of my heartbreak over Shaun Cassidy’s nuptials, I sought solace in cartoons. And I became obsessed with one cartoon in particular. It was called “Battle of the Planets,” and it featured five teenagers with superhuman powers who policed the universe in a spaceship called the Phoenix. It was a cross between Star Wars and “Power Rangers,” only animated. I later learned that the show was an adaptation of an anime series called “Gatchaman”; an American production company edited and dubbed the Japanese footage to make it accessible to kids in the U.S. I’d never seen anime before, and I was immediately hooked.

Of the five super-teens, there was only one girl (shocker!); her name was Princess, and she wore a pink mini-dress, white thigh-high boots, a white cape, and a white helmet shaped like a bird’s head. This was already my fantasy of how I wanted to dress every day. And she rode a motorcycle, which seemed pretty badass.

While I wanted to BE Princess, my heart belonged to Mark, the team’s commander. He was handsome and serious (a dangerous combination, I would learn, later in life), and heroic. Plus, he also dressed like a bird, but without the pink dress and thigh-high boots. Thankfully, there was a little bit of romantic tension between Princess and Mark, which added some heart-fluttering drama to the whole saving-the-world-from-space-villains storyline.

I obsessed over Mark and his avian hotness in solitude; no one at school watched the show, and it didn’t air very long on our local TV station, WPIX. But it turns out I wasn’t alone; I recently googled “Battle of the Planets” and found a legion of admirers. If only the internet had been available when I was in third grade. Then again, maybe I was better off.

Did it feel wrong to give my heart to a cartoon? Not at the time. But a few years later, I realized that the character of Mark had been voiced by none other than Casey Kasem. Whenever I hear him counting down the Top 40 now, I feel a little funny.

Next time…I reveal my crush on an outsider.

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2 thoughts on “Two-Dimensional Love

  1. I was a BIG fan of this show! I loved it when they got together and created the Phoenix. I remember drawing the ship in it’s fire-y form in class one day. Such a cool thing.

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