The Weekly Peek

Hello, and Happy Monday! If you celebrated Father’s Day yesterday, how was it? My husband was away on his annual four-day, dudes-only canoeing trip (our Father’s Day gift to him was this time away, along with some new shorts and outdoorsy shoes, and a big bag of manly camping food (including bacon jerky, sriracha potato chips, and bacon-cheddar popcorn). My kiddo and I enjoyed our time together, and spent yesterday in Mystic, CT with my uncle and cousin. This year, I made the very wise decision to hire our babysitter to  hang out with the little one in the late afternoon, when my husband normally comes home from work to relieve me. Friends, it was bliss. I used that time to get a pedicure, buy myself a case of rosé, and read Raymie Nightingale. (What a lovely book. You know, I think this Kate DiCamillo lady is really going places.)

A few other things as we head into the week:

My kiddo started summer camp today! Feeling proud and nervous, but mostly proud.

These days, I’m spending most of my time getting ready to deliver my picture book seminar at Lesley University. It’s free to the public, so I hope I might see you there this Sunday!

I missed “Game of Thrones” last night (I wanted to wait until my husband got home from his trip, so we could watch it together) and I CANNOT WAIT to see the “Battle of the Bastards.” NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!

Will you be attending the International Literacy Association (ILA) conference next month? On Sunday, July 10th, I’ll be signing advance copies of The Unintentional Adventures of the Bland Sisters: The Jolly Regina at the Abrams booth (2307) from 10am-12pm, and I’ll be signing actual printed copies (woohoo!) of The Infamous Ratsos at the Candlewick Press booth (2225) from 2:30-3:30. Hope you’ll stop by and say hi, and pick up a book or two!

What are you up to this week?







2 thoughts on “The Weekly Peek

  1. Yes – I *am* attending the PB seminar at Lesley and look forward to hearing your words of wisdom. : )

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