On Not-Writing

I’ll admit it: I haven’t written a word in almost a week, other than these here blog entries. Part of the reason is that my husband was away for four days, so I was working mommy and daddy duty for the duration. But part of the reason is because I was busy doing all the other things a writer with a book (or two) on the horizon has to do. To wit:

  • I’m delivering a seminar in a few days, so I’m getting a Powerpoint presentation ready.
  • I’ve designed and ordered hundreds of promotional bookmarks.
  • I’ve been emailing with publicists about bookstore events and Skype lessons and upcoming conferences and sending out advanced reading copies of my books.
  • I’ve been compiling mailing lists for advanced reading copies of my books, and drafting letters to my writing and publishing and media friends, asking them if they want to be put on those mailing lists.

While I hate being in a state of not-writing, I am grateful for these endeavors; they get my name and my books OUT THERE. Because while writing is fulfilling, so is paying the bills, and the only way that’s going to happen is for people to take notice of my books and buy them, and then read them and talk about them enough that other people will buy them.

In the past, I have been hesitant about assuming this promotional role, as it has felt desperate and futile. But I can’t think that way anymore — literally, I cannot afford to fail, so I cannot afford to not try anything and everything, no matter how squicky it makes me. So, over the coming months, if I start sounding like someone in a mall kiosk trying to sell you hair extensions or cheap sunglasses or a cell phone cover, I hope you’ll understand it’s part of my job. And while my books won’t protect your eyes or your cell phone or make your hair look like a Real Housewife’s, they will exercise your brain and your funny bone, so I hope you’ll still check them out.



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