Five for Friday

Hello, friends, and Happy (?) Friday. Of course, I question our collective happiness on this day of unrest in Great Britain, in Europe, and in the world — but, as ever, I send my love and support to you all. To distract us from the chaos (momentarily — because we need to be as vigilant and determined as ever in our battle against hate and ignorance), here are four links for you…and a surprise!

  1. What the world needs now.
  2. The perfect “Game of Thrones” character for each state. (Rhode Island is Lyanna Mormont: “SO SMALL. SO FIERY. Only has 62 men.” Sounds about right!)
  3. Now it all (kinda) makes sense.
  4. “The Devil Wears Prada” turns ten, and Variety interviews Meryl, Anne, Emily, and Stanley. I have to admit, I only like the middle of the movie, when Andy has hit her stride and is discovering she has a talent AND a passion for her fashion job — right before her “friends” and boyfriend shame her for it. But I LOVE Meryl-as-Miranda Priestly. And if you need to ask why, all I can say is, “Please bore someone else with your…questions.”

And speaking of all things fabulous, I just got a surprise in the mail yesterday. It’s…


…wait for it…



a finished book! Time to celebrate. (10am isn’t too early for bubbly, right?)

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Are you at or enroute to ALA? Don’t forget to pick up galleys of my upcoming books: The Infamous Ratsos (Candlewick Press booth 1459) and The Unintentional Adventures of the Bland Sisters: The Jolly Regina (Abrams booth 1226).


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